A New Stage of Life — and a New Focus

First of all, thank you for reading my blog posts. I am still surprised and humbled that anyone is interested in what I have to say. Your presence here is felt and appreciated.

After nearly three decades of writing and editing, I’ve entered a new phase of life. I am downshifting my client work a little, taking pause, and reflecting on what truly matters.

I am not an old man. But I’ve more than passed the halfway mark in this incarnation. And I want to make the wisest use of the time that I have left.

This blog began as a way to explore the topic of personal knowledge management. I’m still interested in this, partly because it indulges my nerdy interest in note-taking apps.

At the same time, my focus is shifting to other questions: How do I come to terms with the prospect of aging and dying? What about all those self-help and spirituality books I read over the years? Do they offer anything worthwhile?

In addition there’s Tiago Forte. He’s built a thriving business based on personal knowledge management. His blog is brilliant, and his course about Building a Second Brain has been well-received. Tiago is turning that course into a book, and I’m looking forward to the result.

Bottom line: If you’re interested in building a personal knowledge base, Tiago can serve you much better than me.

Meanwhile, I’m returning the focus of my original blog — finding self-help that actually helps. After years of working in this genre, it’s dimly possible that I’ll have something worthwhile to say about it.

Thanks again for your patience as I clear my head and connect with my heart. If you subscribed to my blog, I welcome you to continue. But if you decide not to do that, I will understand — and always wish you well.

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